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25-hydroxyvitamin D3  

remedy the short slab of Nutrition systems: strenthen skeleton & Maintain high

production performance

Strong permeability: Good absorption property & The best support for fetal bone

growth by pass through the blood-fetal barrier

25- hydroxyvitamin D3 is an endogenous vitamin D nutrient,New type vitamin D feed additive, the core component of upmarket feed,The key to improving the competitiveness of premixes and upmarket feeds.


The research and development of " 25 - hydroxy vitamin D3 " by Haienergy Co . , Ltd . has been accepted by the government and industry . It is listed as " Advanced Enterprise " , " Spark Plan " and " Torch Plan " by Shandong Province . It has been rated as " Advanced Enterprise " by Shandong Province . The research on production technology of " 25 - hydroxy vitamin D3 " has been appraised and accepted by Shandong Province Science and Technology .
With the advanced market awareness and quality management, the sales network covers all parts of the country, and has established long-term stable cooperative relations with nearly 100 domestic and foreign large-scale breeding groups and feed enterprises.
The company not only invested a lot in product research and development and product quality, but also actively participated in large-scale public welfare activities. For thousands of participants to provide convenient transportation conditions. In Shandong Province, the 30th, 31st Animal Husbandry Expo, 15th China Animal Husbandry Expo, organized to undertake "Food and Security Shandong." "Food and Security China" face to face large-scale free public catering activities, received more than 15000 people, has been the government, industry and consumers of strong support and high praise.
Mr. Cao Jin Dang, general manager of the company, was invited to visit the large interview dialogue column of CCTV's "charm Brand", telling the story of Hai Neng, showing the charm of the brand of Hai Neng, and the sensational effect is huge.
Under the leadership of General Manager Cao Jin Party, the visionary Haineng people are working hard to overcome difficulties, surmount themselves, and seek brilliance again. 

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